Huwebes, Enero 26, 2017

Training games with an expert ( free fully analyzed game )

Play and let an Expert train you for only $10 per 1 hour training games.  You will also receive a free emailed full analysis of our game/s via pgn form and/or written.

Train yourself by Playing with an Expert!
( Receive an email of 1 or 2 games fully analyzed as a free part of the training! And lots of free tips! )

I am a chess expert who reached a best ratings of 2550 blitz in ICC while reaching a standard ratings of 2342 in  I have been a chess coach since 2008, and i am still very active and a full time chess coach and trainer.

Chess Site: Internet Chess Club (ICC) or 
Payments- Paypal, Bank to Bank, Western Union

Twitter: @ChessOptimist

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