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Have your Game Fully-Analysed in PGN form

 Super promo 2017!!!
Get 50% discount for every game analysis! Instead of $5 per game analyzed, you will pay only $2.50 each! Minimum order of only $10, which would be equivalent to 4 games analysis instead of only 2. 
This offer will last until i find enough numbers of people availing of this offer, then i will return to my old fee. I just want more people to be avail to avail of my services and get the benefits in chess wisdom and knowledge that would be important keys to chess improvement.

***** Do you want you game analysed by an expert?
Do you want it sent to you in pgn form where it's most convenient to use?
And i will do this for only $5 ( $2 now till June 2017! ) per fully analysed game!


Now it's possible!!! 
I am a chess expert who reached a best ratings of 2550 blitz in ICC while reaching a standard ratings of 2342 in  I have been a chess coach since 2008, and i am still very active and a full time chess coach and trainer.

I will analyse your games in pgn form with all the annotations of the lessons to be learned--all of them--in the pgn while you're moving the pieces! ( Just like what's shown on the youtube video above I made for one of my clients. )

Check how i made it in forum:
How I analyze my student's game

1. Email me the complete moves of your game/s in with the title "I want to avail of your game analysis pgn"
2. Wait for me to send you more details through your email.
3. If everything is ready, wait for me within 1-2 days to send you the full analysis of your game in pgn form ( similar to the one shown in the youtube video above made for one of my clients )
4. You can download a free pgn reader

And i will do this for only $5 ($2-Super Promo!)per fully analysed game!
If you want to avail of my promo, if you pay $50, instead of 10 fully analyzed games in pgn form, you will get 12 fully analyzed games in pgn form. ( Get 2 free )

I accept paypal, western union, bank to bank, solidtrustpay, payza or perfect money payments.

Note: I have this same gig in

For more details, you can email me at
You can also leave a message here in this blog

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