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Have Your Games Analyzed Fully by an Expert

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Why Is It Important?

Why is it important to have your games analyzed by an Expert or by someone who knows very well the principles and ideas behind every move?  Many experts believe that this should be one of the easiest and fastest ways to improve your own games, as the expert will help you 1) learn from your own games 2) help you see the particular mistakes you made and know the exact reasons why 3) teach you how not to repeat the same mistakes and avoid them in future games 4) learn more clearly chess opening, middle game and end game principles which would clearly improve your understanding of chess and 5) shows your particular weaknesses and tendencies, and help you strengthens and avoid those weaknesses.

Who Am I?
I have been a chess expert for more than 20 years now, regularly beating titled players likes Grandmasters, International Masters and Fide Masters in Internet Chess Club and other sites.  In my past membership in Internet Chess Club where hundreds of titled players are active members, I have once reached a rating of 2566 in blitz and a Standard rating of about 2300.  I have been coaching online since year 2005, and I currently have 3 chess students from America.

How Much Do I Charge Per Game Fully Analyzed?

My Fee Per Game Fully Analyzed is only $5 per game!
If you pay $50, you will have 10 + 1= 11 games to be analysed ( 1 free analyzed game )

Note: The fully-analyzed game would be sent to your chosen email address.

Payments Accepted: paypal, solidtrustpay, egopay, payza, Western Union or bank payment.

Get a One-Month Free Trial in ICC---Register HERE

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