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My name is Paolo Alejar and I have learned chess at an early age of 6, played tournament chess at the age of 11 and immediately won 2nd place. After that, i played in hundreds of tournaments online and offline placing 1st in many of them and lots of 2nd and 3rd places, nationally and internationally. I have been teaching chess online since 2005 and have played chess for more than 40 years now.  I currently teach at or Babaschess which are free sites. ICC or Internet Chess Club is a paid site.  Arrangements can be made if you want to have lessons on this site.

Chess Qualifications: 

I believe in the saying "you can't teach what you don't know." 
I have been a candidate master for a long time now when I was active in chess tournaments several years ago with a local tournament rating that reached 2180.  I have been friends and practiced a lot before with now grandmasters Jayson Gonzales, Bong Villamayor and a few times with Rogelio Antonio and Nelson Mariano.
I have been playing and teaching chess online in Internet Chess Club (ICC), and, some of the most popular chess sites, since 2005. I have beaten a lot of highly rated grandmasters, international masters, fide masters and highly-rated masters and non-masters on that site. The highest rating I have received for my blitz rating there is 2566. I also used to have regular lectures there which is managed by Lechessclub which I believe you could still watch and load there. My and Babaschess handlename is ChessOptimist. ( Note: I have a new username in ICC.  It is now ChessOptimist7 ) "Babaschess" has similar features like ICC and you can download their software for free.  Just register your own username in FICS and then download the babaschess free server, and you could start logging in with your new username. If you choose the lessons on just training by playing games with you, we have the option to choose which is also a free site and with no need to download anything, just register and create your own username and you log in to the site with your new username, and you're good to go.
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Coaching Qualifications:
I have been teaching chess online since 2005 with students from all over the world like the U.S.A., Germany and from China but mostly my chess students are from the United States of America. My lessons are based on teaching my students first of all the basic principles and ideas in chess, from the opening to the middle game and on the endgame.  When I have a new student, what I usually do is to try to assess his strength and his usual tendencies by playing a game with him. Then after several games, I would show him where he needs to improve on and I show the principles and ideas present in the games we played. Later on, I ask him to play games with other members of the chess site or play with anyone over the board and then we would fully analyze those games move per move, showing him all the principles and ideas present in his games. Most of the time, I ask him to give me his lost games to analyze because that is where he would learn the most and see where his weaknesses are, then it would be my responsibility to turn those weaknesses into strengths by making him realize those weaknesses, correcting them and giving him necessary exercises to strengthen those weaknesses.
Lastly, I email him a complete analysis of our lessons of the day showing all the moves and all the principles and ideas involved in the game. Finally, I summarize the lessons learned to make him understand all the lessons needed to be learned in that particular game.

"I focus more on teaching the principles and ideas behind every move which is the strongest foundation for any chess player" ChessOptimist


Online Lessons:                   Training Games:                    Analyzing Games:    
$10 per hour                         $10 per hour                           $5 per emailed analysis                              

Note: For the Online lessons and Training games, you would also receive an email of one fully analyzed game per session as part of the lesson with no extra charges.

* Payment options: paypal, Western Union or Bank Deposits.

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